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Anonymous Calling Solution

Connect your customers with different vendors or whoever, keeping their number private. Protect your customers privacy with anonymous calling solution. Number masking is the best way for businesses to safeguard the customer privacy and prevent the misuse of the sensitive information.

How Yovo's Anonymous Calling Works

Call Customer Button

By clicking on call customer, the call gets connected with Yovo’s virtual number


Yovo Server

The customer details reaches the server and the server returns the corresponding customers number.



Yovo dials the customer number

Yovo connects with the respective customer



Customer number is masked

The customer numbers are masked by the Yovo/virtual numbers connecting both parties.


Advantage of YOVO's Business IVR

Safeguard Customer Privacy

The business must safeguard the privacy of their clients. With number masking the customers number is never revealed.

Cost Efficient

Connect your customers via Yovo without depleting your employees balance.

Track Analytics

Track, record and analyse all your customer communications to gain insights in real-time.

Why Use YOVO?

Surpassing Quality

No delays, crystal clear voice, high success rate.

Cost Efficient

Stay connected in most cost efficient way.

Simple Implementation

Easily integrate in your business plan in no time.

Greater Reliability

Security of information. Verify the genuine customers and free yourself from bogus orders.

Better Customer Experience

Ensuring customer privacy and satisfaction.

Track and Analyze

Measure the marketing ROI’s and learn what works for you.