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E-Commerce Industry

E-commerce industry has revolutionized in past few years. Now every company can sell its product online by setting up an online store, increasing the competition to a significant number.

Customer acquisition and retention becomes a huge challenge with growing competition. In order to stand out, a company must be able to provide the best customer service besides the variety of products and great delivery services. Building trust in customers is very important and the only way to build the virtual trust is communication. This is where tools like cloud telephony are of major help. Cloud telephony provide features that are perfect to ramp up the customer acquisition and retain the existing ones.

Yovo provides a cloud telephony solution that empowers e-commerce businesses by improving their operational efficiency and allowing them to provide personalized customer experience.

Integrating cloud telephony services with your businesses provides tools to increase your sales.Features like bulk SMS, call monitoring, call recording, etc adds value to whole communication process.

YOVO Solution

Easy Installation

There is no hardware required, so cloud telephony does not require special devices or complex configurations. Integrate cloud telephony solution in your businesses on minimum cost.

Click-to-Call Solution

Your customers can get in touch with you by clicking a single button.This click to call button is integrated with your website so your buyers can call for free from anywhere.

Virtual Number

The virtual number allows you to have a number with local area code in any other place (city or country). You can make calls and be reached by people with the same area code for the price of a local call.

Detailed reporting

Receive daily detailed reports about your employees performances and status of orders, calls and SMS’s. Monitor even small details that can help you improve your company’s performance.

Customer Privacy

Safeguard customer privacy by masking their numbers. Make sure the customer data is protected in order to gain customer trust.


Notify your customers about their order status using SMS. Send them SMS about the new products and events to keep them engaged. Personalized marketing promotions results in a better response rate.

COD Verification

Send SMS to verify the customer orders and get rid of the bogus ones

CRM Integration

The information must be kept in an organized manner to be able to provide excellent customer service. By integrating CRM with cloud telephony, your entire customer experience can be personalised. It will automatically store customer data about all the calls made, received, lost and even the voicemails that your clients leave you.

Automated Feedback

Improve your services by valuing customer feedback. Send automated bulk SMS’s or automated calls to collect the customer feedback about their shopping experience.

Why Use YOVO?

Surpassing Quality

No delays, crystal clear voice, high success rate.

Cost Efficient

Stay connected in most cost efficient way.

Simple Implementation

Easily integrate in your business plan in no time.

Greater Reliability

Security of information. Verify the genuine customers and free yourself from bogus orders.

Better Customer Experience

Ensuring customer privacy and satisfaction.

Track and Analyze

Measure the marketing ROI’s and learn what works for you.

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Yovo is Pakistan’s only telephony cloud company aiming to provide businesses the best communication products and help them to increase their efficiency.

We take away the companies major headache and allow them to use outclass API’s to build the most reliable communication network bringing their customers the most memorable experience.



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