All features you need to provide your customers a seamless experience

Call Recording

With call recording you can monitor all your calls and reserve the important information for future use

Efficient Business Decisions

Call recordings provide insights that you can use to improve your product or service and your customer operations

Operational Efficiency

When things are in record you wont repeat the same mistakes which will make your employees efficient in their work.

Resolve Customer Disputes

There is always a chance of misunderstandings, it is better to have the call recorded which will also help to resolve the customer complaints and address issues

Call Routing

Route calls based on various conditions like time, location, etc.

Connect to the right representative

Automatically route calls to the concerned representative based on the customer input for great customer experience

Be Available

Always be available for your customers by setting a personalized IVR recording ensuring them you will get back

Call Analytics

Capture the important data to measure the performance of your marketing campaigns

Detailed Analysis

Keep track of the performance and get detail analytics on the campaigns you run in real time

Automated Calls and SMS

Record, manage and analyze everything and make communication better with your customers

Customer Feedback

Collect customer feedback for the better performance and increase the engagement with your customers


Notify of all the events and offers to engage your customers

Order Confirmation

Confirm the customer orders with automated calls and SMS and get rid of the bogus orders

Missed Call Services

Communicate with your customers in most innovative way, a missed call. Get the responses to suit your business

No Cost

Collect useful information with the missed call solution as there is no cost involved, the customer engagement will increase by large number

Useful Feedback

Most easy solution to verify orders, conduct surveys and collect feedback

Multi-level IVR

No more wasting time on useless IVR recordings. Personalize IVR to provide your customers a seamless experience everytime they call

Customize Menu

Record a customized IVR menu depending on your business needs


Set and IVR greetings for your customers and route calls based on their input

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Yovo is Pakistan’s only telephony cloud company aiming to provide businesses the best communication products and help them to increase their efficiency.

We take away the companies major headache and allow them to use outclass API’s to build the most reliable communication network bringing their customers the most memorable experience.



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