Improve customer experience using Cloud Telephony​ - Improve customer experience using Cloud Telephony​ -

Improve customer experience using Cloud Telephony​

For the business to grow successfully it is important to keep the customer happy. Cloud telephony ensures a great experience on every interaction.

For any business to survive in cut-throat competitive market the foremost preference should be enhancing the customer experience. A satisfied customer is an asset to the company. As there are several companies providing the similar products in the market, delightful customer experience works as a differentiating factor making your company the prior choice for the customer.

Cloud telephony has evolved with time and helped the companies to enhance the customer experience. Providing voice services over the cloud, this system has been a game-changer and has replaced traditional telephone system at a lightening speed.

With implementation of cloud telephony in your company provide top quality of service to the respected customers.  


Things that can cause bad customer experience

– Waiting and Delays

Waiting and delays on calls can frustrate the customer. Reducing the hold time is extremely important to improve the customer experience

– Poor Voice Quality

Unable to listen properly and poor call quality can aggravate a customer

– Unable to connect to the right representative

Make sure your customer call is routed properly and they feel like their time is being honored. If not so that can make the customer really unhappy.

Multiple ways to improve the customer service using cloud telephony

– Reduce On Hold Time- Effective IVR
Let’s be honest, no one likes waiting on calls for long. Everyone wants their phone to be answered quickly with answers that satisfy the customer queries. The companies should work on reducing the time they put their customers on hold, this will increase the customers satisfaction level towards the service.
Smart IVR solutions helps the customer to reach their destination without any delays. The IVRs should be intuitive and intelligently designed. The menus should be simple and easy to navigate.
– Ensure Customer Engagement
Cloud telephony helps you keep an upper hand over your competitors by continuously engaging the customers through sales offers, contests, loyalty discount codes, product feedback over SMS, etc. Customer engagement is very important to keep the customer happy and well informed about the products and services.
– Call Recording to Improve the Conversation
Record calls to find the cues of scope for the improvement. With continuous analysis and improvement, the customer agent communication becomes more precise and result oriented, resulting in sheer improvement in the average handling time.
– Personalized and Customized experiences
Personalize the greetings for your customers and make them feel welcomed. Customize the calls according to customer needs.  Cloud services can help businesses offer the kind of personalized customer experience that builds relationships, enhances trust, and supports a company’s long-term goals.
– Enhanced Trust and Reliability
Cloud provides variety of tools to keep the customer connected and engaged with the business, which can help to build a reputation of reliability and trust. Prompt responses, quick solutions and easy access to the products and services can keep the customers coming back and draw new customers too.
– Smart Connect
Cloud telephony can be used to smartly connect to the customers. Based on their input redirect them to right representative to increase the customer satisfaction. With the skill based call routing, customers find the most appropriate solution in the least time invested. The idea is to lead a customer to an immediate solution.
– Complete Customer Control
People like taking control, choosing the ways and times they want to interact with the businesses. The cloud offers tools for keeping that control and for providing the data businesses need in order to be as responsive as possible to their customers changing needs and expectations.
Cloud telephony facilitates businesses to provide a scalable, profitable and versatile experience to your customers. Thousands of companies are turning to Cloud software solution to significantly cut the operational costs and servicing their customers while delivering a world-class customer experience.