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Outbound Campaigns

Execute voice campaigns using the high-performance dial out application by sending pre-recorded voice calls in different languages resulting in a consistent and professional approach to your campaigns through interactive auto call dialer. Outbound Voice SMS campaigns are created with a user-friendly web interface panel and is a powerful and cost-effective communication service to reach out to large number of target audience in a short time over the phone.

How Yovo's Outbound Campaigns Work


Mass calling

Calls are made to the numbers in database provided by the customer or when a new product or campaign is launched



Yovo calls the customer

Yovo will take the details and make the calls, predefined IVR call flow is played to the user



User will enter the DTMF codes

User will input the data and the call gets disconnected



Responses are sent to spreadsheet

The smart IVR sends the data in real-time to google spreadsheet or the end-point specified by the company


Advantage of YOVO's Outbound Campaigns

Minimal cost

The customer does not have to face any cost. Automated calls saves time and money while collecting feedback for the business


Reach out to a large target audience in different regional languages. Audio files can be created, edited and reused across multiple campaigns through an user-friendly web panel

Survey & Feedback

IVR based campaigns can be leveraged to generate feedback and conduct surveys over a very large scale in limited time frame

Productivity Enhancement

Schedule your voice call campaigns to your target audience, web-based reporting panel displays real-time results of your campaigns

Why Use YOVO?

Surpassing Quality

No delays, crystal clear voice, high success rate.

Cost Efficient

Stay connected in most cost efficient way.

Simple Implementation

Easily integrate in your business plan in no time.

Greater Reliability

Security of information. Verify the genuine customers and free yourself from bogus orders.

Better Customer Experience

Ensuring customer privacy and satisfaction.

Track and Analyze

Measure the marketing ROI’s and learn what works for you.

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Yovo is Pakistan’s only telephony cloud company aiming to provide businesses the best communication products and help them to increase their efficiency.

We take away the companies major headache and allow them to use outclass API’s to build the most reliable communication network bringing their customers the most memorable experience.



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