Food and Beverage

Food & Beverage Food & Beverage Industry Restaurants have become more accessible with the advent of technology. Customers have multiple options available now, one unpleasant experience can make them switch ┬áto other sellers. Yovo delivers fully integrated food and beverage … Read More

Banking and finance

Banking & Financial Services Banking & Financial Services The customer expectations are getting higher day by day. To keep ahead of your competitors organization must be able to deliver excellent customer experience. The main aim of each banking and finance … Read More


Healthcare Healthcare Industry Healthcare organizations receive hundreds of calls each day. The major challenge they face is to adopt a communication solution versatile enough to efficiently manage all calls and connect the patients, doctors and staff at a very low … Read More


Education Education Technology is transforming rapidly. The education sector has benefitted the most from the advancement in technology, which have significantly strengthened the learning process. In today’s rapidly transforming educational environment, educational institutions needs flexible and reliable communications to keep … Read More


E-Commerce E-Commerce Industry E-commerce industry has revolutionized in past few years. Now every company can sell its product online by setting up an online store, increasing the competition to a significant number. Customer acquisition and retention becomes a huge challenge … Read More


All features you need to provide your customers a seamless experience Call Recording With call recording you can monitor all your calls and reserve the important information for future use Efficient Business Decisions Call recordings provide insights that you can … Read More

Top Benefits of Cloud Telephony

Top Benefits of Cloud Telephony Do you ever look back and think how things have changed with the passage of time? How there used to be a huge phones and operator used to make calls one by one to fulfil … Read More

Difference b/w Customer Services & Customer Experience and benefits of using YOVO for your business.

Difference b/w Customer Services & Customer Experience and benefits of using YOVO for your business. What is Customer Service? Customer Service is the advice/ assistance given by the company to customers before, during and after buying or using its products … Read More

Improve customer experience using cloud telephony

Improve customer experience using Cloud Telephony For the business to grow successfully it is important to keep the customer happy. Cloud telephony ensures a great experience on every interaction. For any business to survive in cut-throat competitive market the foremost … Read More