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The startup base is growing all over the world. In early stages, the startups focus on building a strong foundation. They might not have a lot of money to invest in technology, but investing in right type of technology can help their company stand out in the world full of competition.

Yovo’s provides cost effective cloud telephony solution for startups and allow them provide best service options and help them increase their operational efficiency.

YOVO Solution

Smart IVR

With smart IVR, your customers are greeted with pre-recorded message and their calls are directed to concerned resource/ department based on the customers input.


Scale at your own pace. It’s easier to increase your call volume as per your business needs with no additional infrastructure.

CRM Integration

Integrate CRM with cloud telephony and personalize the customer experience. Have your customers information in one place when they call in, ease down work operation and incur greater productivity.

Measure Marketing ROI

Yovo help you link a different virtual number to each online/ offline marketing campaign you run. Virtual numbers when called are automatically directed to you business phone line and tracked, so you will be able to measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. The line receiving most calls generates more leads.

Why Use YOVO?

Surpassing Quality

No delays, crystal clear voice, high success rate.

Cost Efficient

Stay connected in most cost efficient way.

Simple Implementation

Easily integrate in your business plan in no time.

Greater Reliability

Security of information. Verify the genuine customers and free yourself from bogus orders.

Better Customer Experience

Ensuring customer privacy and satisfaction.

Track and Analyze

Measure the marketing ROI’s and learn what works for you.

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About Us

Yovo is Pakistan’s only telephony cloud company aiming to provide businesses the best communication products and help them to increase their efficiency.

We take away the companies major headache and allow them to use outclass API’s to build the most reliable communication network bringing their customers the most memorable experience.



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