Why customer service excellence matters for a startup? And how can Yovo help. -

Why customer service excellence matters for a startup? And how can Yovo help.

What is the most important thing when you’re starting a business? Of course a business model, but what else? When you’re starting a startup, what you think is more important is the business model, the new and unique idea you have in mind. You’re probably spending all the time building your product, attracting as many customers as possible and the marketing strategies. All these things are important for a startup but customer service/ support is equally important.
Maybe in early stage you might not feel the need of giving customer service the importance it requires, but you’re wrong about it. It is very important to create an excellent customer service strategy, since customer service experience is becoming even more crucial to brand success.
With the excellent customer service strategy you can differentiate your brand and product from other brands, and it will help build your startup’s reputation by generating positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Why customer service excellence matters for a startup?

As a startup, you need to be cautious and ensure that you deliver value to customers from the start and that customers are comfortable with your product. Through customer service channels, you will learn how well (or not well) your product is working for the customers. The feedback will help you improve your service and the product itself.
Build a startup that delivers excellence in customer service which is possible if,
  • You build customer service strategies and implement them from start
  • Listen to all the feedback. All sorts of feedback is important.
  • Know what your customer wants
  • Respond quickly to all the disputes, issues and queries. Follow-ups are always a plus

Pro tips to achieve customer satisfaction

  • Communicate with your customers
Initially you might be doing everything from building a product to marketing to answering customer queries, you can’t be split between thousand duties. Hire a customer service representative professional who can free you up to tackle other issues while your customers receive the excellent customer service they crave.
Communicate with them effectively by approaching with confidence, and try to learn more about their needs. Be honest with them about your product and what you have to offer to build the relationship of trust with your customers.
  • Empower the CS representative
Ensure that the customer service representative is well trained who can easily solve the customer problem. Empower them to make decisions while they perform their activities and use creativity to solve any issues faced by the customer.


  • The service must be prompt
No one in this fast moving world likes to wait. Customer queries should be addressed promptly with most effective solutions.


  • Value the customer feedback
One way of finding out what your customers like or dislike is through conducting surveys. Customer satisfaction surveys help you to confirm whether you are doing your job properly. It also helps you in discovering flaws in your process. It is one of the fastest ways to improve your product/service as per the expectations of your customers. Acting upon the customer feedback can help you make your product/ service better and it will also make the customer feel valued which will make them return to your brand.


  • Set clear expectations and exceed them
The customer who is unsure of what to expect from the business is frustrated. Let the customers know what your standards and practices are. Remove the customers’ uncertainty about common issues in customer service lets them know that a company is committed to their success and satisfaction.

How can YOVO help in achieving customer satisfaction?

Customer experience is a key ingredient for growing a customer base. Yovo can help your startup/ business in achieving the maximum customer satisfaction with these solutions:


  • Call Recording
Record calls and store all the important data you might require for future use to solve any customer dispute and make efficient business decisions. There is always a chance of misunderstandings, it is better to have the call recorded which will also help to resolve the customer complaints and address their issues.


  • Call Routing
Route calls based on various aspects like location, time, etc. Be available for your customers 24/7 by setting a personalized IVR greeting that ensures you’ll get back to them or automatically route calls to the concerned representative based on the customer input for great customer experience.


  • Call Analytics
Capture the important data and collect customer feedback to measure the performance of your marketing campaigns.


  • Missed Call Solution
Yovo provides missed call solution which is helpful in conducting surveys and collecting the valuable feedback, since there is no cost involved, it will help increase the customer engagement.


  • Automated Calls & SMS’s
Running a campaign will no more a problem. You wont have to manually make calls and send SMS’s to your customers to notify them about new products/services or events.You will also be able to get rid of the bogus orders if you provide Cash on Delivery services for your product.  Make your life easy.


  • Multi-level IVR
Personalize IVR to provide your customers a seamless experience every time they call. Route them to the concerned representative so that your customers do not get frustrated and all their queries get properly answered by the concerned person.
Yovo provides business solutions with which you won’t have to worry about small things and you can scale your business with ease.